Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fact or Fiction: Caffeine is bad for you

Consuming 200 mg of caffeine 40 minutes before a work out is said to not only enhance performance while you work out, but is said to help the body burn more calories.   Jillian Michaels recently supported this statement in an article published in Health magazine. (She suggested drinking an espresso 40 minutes before a work out.)

I take Stacker XLPC 3 with either breakfast or lunch, because one capsule contains the suggested 200 mg of caffeine and it revs me up for my work outs.  Now, caffeine isn't something you should get too used to, but it can enhance your body's ability to burn fat; thus, I suggest only consuming a diet pill such as the Stacker XLPC 3 or an espresso before you intend on exercising, otherwise, you could end up twitchy or unable to sleep that night.  (Oh yeah, avoid caffeine 5 hours before bedtime!!)

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