Wednesday, May 13, 2015


So, I never thought I'd be one of those people who drank fruit-infused water because I'm pretty plain, and I've never had trouble drinking my water.  However, the more I do Yoga, the more I REALLY care about what I put into my body.  I was down to 0 more ways to reduce my bloating; I chalked it up to: "I've got IBS and slow digestion, which sucks, of course, but that's just my life."  Then I had a huge awakening during my practice one day and said, "No, I don't have settle here!" So, I started researching detox waters for a flat lower-belly, and I found this one from Blogilaties' Cassie Ho.

Now, she says to drink at least 8 oz. of this detox water for a week before a big event; however, I have been drinking about 16 oz. twice daily for the last 2 weeks and OMG! is my belly FLAT. I have never felt nor looked better!  I feel run-down, so I grab my infusion bottle (I keep it ready-made and cold in my fridge), drink it, and then I'm up for anything!  Laundry, dishes, riding bikes with my daughter, going for a walk, cleaning out the litter box (not my favorite task), whatever it is: BRING IT ON!  It's so awesome how great you feel after drinking some water that's got lemons, cucumbers, and oranges!  CHEAP, AWESOME, DETOXIFYING, EASY TO MAKE, DELICIOUS, ENERGIZING, APPETITE-CURBING, FLAT BELLY MAKING...need I say more!?  No diet pills or crazy detox diets here!  And Cassie suggests drinking water until you pee clear, which she isn't the first person I'm sure you've heard that from, but if you have a problem reaching this goal then DRINK THIS DETOX WATER and you'll be amazed the next time you go pee! ;-D

My recipe is slightly different, too, but that is because of my stomach problems--with a slow moving colon, my insides need a little extra boost.  And I get to feel skinny every day by drinking it at least every morning!!! Now, in my city, health food is kind of not a huge things, so finding mint leaves is hard--the one place in town that carries it is 20 minutes away and doesn't always have it in stock, but I actually don't get cramps (I know!  I'm as shocked as you about that!  I get cramps from everything!) , so I left the mint leaves out.  I bought my infusion water-bottle on eBay, but you can get one for $20 at Wal Mart and it's 100% worth it--CLEARLY, or I wouldn't be telling you, because I only tell you guys the truth!

  1. 2 slices of lemon
  2. 2 slices of cucmber
  3. 1 slice of an orange
  4. 1 more cucumber slice; 
  5. and last 1 more lemon slice
  6. let sit over-night in fridge and ENJOY in the morning
  7. repeat as often as you like!!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yoga Headstand

It's definitely not my best one, and my headstands are a work in progress (thus why Yoga is a practice), but I wanted to get a video up here because if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

this is where I learned step-by-step how to build shoulder strength and get into a headstand @ Yoga With Adriene on YouTube
CHECK IT OUT!!!  She has a lot of great workouts you can check out, too!  TRY HER POWER YOGA...IT ROCKS!!!