Sunday, June 23, 2013

End of Insanity Week 1: Getting through the Soreness

Today was the end of week 1 of my 60 Day Insanity Challenge (besides tomorrow's rest day), and I can tell you that it wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth pushing myself.

What motivates me to do the workouts is reminding myself that I have to push myself to my limits for only 20 minutes, and I KNOW I can do that.  The first 10 minutes or so of the dvd is a warm-up and stretching before it goes into 15-20 minutes of intensity.  

Yes, I did have to stop and take a few extra rests, and the first few days I thought my calves were going to break in half (I could hardly walk for 4 days), but I pushed through the workouts, and, sure, my entire body is sore, but I feel GREAT about that I really accomplished something.  And actively recovering my muscles (meaning working out those sore muscles) actually helped with the soreness.  I also added a few extra stretches of my own to the end of the workouts, since I think Shaun T tends to forget to stretch your calves or any part of your upper body.

Also, a banana before my workout and a protein shake directly afterwards will help your muscles recover quicker; you need potassium and protein to help rebuild those muscles you just broke down, plus protein supplements (such as Whey protein shakes, etc.) digest quicker than solid foods and you need to consume a decent amount of protein within an hour of your workout to help with your recovery.

So those of you trying Insanity and thinking you just can't survive the sore muscles, try bananas, Muscle Milk (my personal choice bought at your local Wal-Mart or Target), EXTRA stretching, and focus on how good you feel about what you just accomplished!

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Insanity: Day 1: Fit Test

I decided that I finally needed a little switch up from Jillian Michaels; however, I'm a huge fan or interval training, so I wanted to a work-out that still focused on the interval training.

I decided to take a 2 week vacation from working out while I went to California with my family, and while I was there, I saw so many infomercials about Insanity while I was watching TV at night (I don't have cable at home, so I'd never seen these before, I'd only heard about the Insanity Challenge).

I've already had several friends who have tried Insanity and seen awesome results, but I never thought I was strong enough to do it.  After watching how some people started out doing Insanity at all different stages of life, I decided to stop using excuses and just start doing it, so today, I started the 60 Day Insanity Challenge! (I'm borrowing the DVDs from a friend until mine gets here in the mail.)

During the Insanity 60 Day Challenge, you'll start with a Fit Test (which is done every 2 weeks to track your progress), and then you move on to various types of exercises averaging 45 minutes a day for 6 days a week (you get Sundays to rest).  At the end of 60 days, you can send in a before and after picture and receive an Insanity t-shirt to show everyone you had the strength to do it (although I think that the results of a strong body is enough for me).

So I'm going to track my results online to make myself push harder and show you all that you can do it, too!  Compare your results to mine, post your results in the comments, and show me that you can kick my butt!  I'm up for the challenge! :)

During the DVD you'll have 1 minute to do as many of these as possible.
Switch Kicks: 87
Power Jacks: 35
Power Knees: 68
Power Jumps: 27
Globe Jumps: 8
Suicide Jumps: 15
Push-up Jacks: 15
Plank Oblique: 25
Weight: 139.5

I always modified Push-up Jacks during Jillian workouts because I assumed I didn't have the upper body strength to do them...clearly, I can at least do 15 in a minute, and I'm proud to say I tried and I pushed myself!  However, by the end of this less than 25 minute workout, I felt weak, tired, sweaty, and about ready to die!  LOL  But that's what this work out is all'v got to be INSANE to do it!

 BEFORE picture taken a few days ago. In 60 days, I'll post an AFTER picture!