Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jillian Michael's Hard Body DVD

Jillian Michael's newest DVD Hard Body is a now out and kicking butts all over the place!  I just got it, so, so far, I've only tried level 1 twice, but it's already kicking my butt!  You can burn about an average of 350 calories in 40 minutes while sweating like a pig!

1. Remember my tip to work out in shorts and a sports bra in front of a mirror and keep your tummy tucked in!

2. Also, work out without a fan, and you'll sweat more which means you'll loose more water weight.  (I did Ripped in 30 level 1 and Killer Abs level 1 back to back and burned off 2 lbs of just water weight.  It's amazing how great you can feel after a nice, hard sweat!)

3. Add 3 lb weights or even just hand weights or ankle weights to that exercise you love but doesn't make you feel challenged anymore.  That will really spice things up and make you feel challenged you won't have to find a new work out to do!  (I dance or do Zumba with 1.5 lb hand weights; I also started back at level 1 on all my Jillian Michael's DVDs but upped the weights.)