Sunday, December 16, 2012

Uh oh...I'm sick

So you're feeling under the weather, and now you can't work out, and you're worried about staffing on track...well, I have good news for you!  I don't claim to be a doctor or a specialist of any kind, but research and personal experience have led me to believe that sometimes working our when your sick keeps your immune system up and keeps you physically healthy which can only help you get better. 

HOWEVER, you need to CUT BACK, at least a little, while you aren't feeling like your normal self.  If you have body aches and feel weak or are vomiting or have a fever, then I'm going to suggest that you NOT work out and gets lots rest (sleep helps you're metabolism work better!) and just stick to drinking water.  But if you just can't stay away then a short, show and EASY walk should be okay. 

Now, if you just have a head cold, simply cutting back on how long or how hard you work it can be enough.  For example: If you're doing Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown, maybe only do the first 2 circuits.and three cool down and stick with three beginner version; if you're running, cut back 15 minutes or maybe just speed walk; if you're weight lifting, maybe just stick to a little bit cardio or lower weights and reps. (You get the idea.)

So remember, just because you're sick, it doesn't mean you're going to gain weight or get off track!  Just modify! :-) 

Check out what CNN has to say.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We all have those days...

(edited 12/16 after original posting)

So today I ate an entire bag of bite-sized Reese's, and now I feel yucky and horrible.  We will all have those days where we don't think before we eat; so before you digg into that cake, ask yourself how you'll feel afterwards.

Now, we all need a cheat day at least once a week, but just don't  overdo it like I did today!

PS- my old friend Trillion shared this link to try Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown free, so now there are no excuses! CLINK THE LINK!!!  ;-)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mixing it up with a beauty tip

Need a quick fizx for that stress acne? Dr. Dickson's Eitch Hazel and any Olay face wash has been a life saver!!  The witch hazel cleared up all my acne (which wad worse than when I was a teenager) in barely over a week and is even helping with my eczema.  I now swear by the stuff!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dieting is hard to do! Tip #2: Portion Control

For those of you who think I must be some awesome dieter because I've lost so much can think again.  I have a VERY hard time watching what I eat; I'll get obsessed and drive myself crazy (or worse) if I think too much about it. 

The reason it took me so long to lose the weight is because instead of living off of veggies and protein to get fast results and cutting out all carbs, candy and McDonald's, I learned to be smart about my portion sizes.  I did cut out french fries and sodas until I reached at least my first goal weight, and then I learned to get a small fry (sometimes a medium) and a fresh cooked Angus burger with no seasoning or cheese when I wanted my McDonald's fix; I grab one serving of mini Reese's and put the bag far out of reach to resist getting more, and I drink a lot of water (use no calorie Crystal Light if you just can't do the water thing).  I learned that watching my portions shrunk my stomach and now helps me keep up with my lifestyle change.

About Tip #1: Rent Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown from your local library to give it shot if you have reservations about buying it, but I know you'll love it!  You may not SEE a big physical change in your body but if you put in the effort and push yourself, you'll FEEL yourself getting stronger as your stamina increases. (And believe me, it's amazing when you accomplish those chaturonga push-ups without stopping! Remember that it's the little accomplishments that count, because that's how you reach the big ones.)

A bonus is even aerobic yoga gives you a satisfying relaxing 30 minutes that can lead to a satisfying relaxing day or night.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tip #1: Get up-close-and-personal with your TV

{This post has been edited since it's original publication.)

Two words, One person: Jillian Michaels.

I have done almost every DVD this crazy woman has released, and I am 100% sure that my increased upper body strength, my ripped legs, and of course, my weight loss has all come from pushing myself during her work-outs.  Jillian has various different types of work-outs to chose from, but if you're new to working out, I would start with Jillian Michael's For Beginners.

However, if you're looking to jump right into getting ripped, Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown is where I started.  Start with Level 1 five to six days a week (ALWAYS TAKE ONE DAY OF REST!) for 3 weeks and progress for Level 2 five to six days a week for 3 weeks.  Each work-out is only 30 minutes long so you can do them during your child's nap-time (my personal favorite, but I know isn't always possible for those of you who are full-time working moms).  You can also get up 30 minutes early, or start the work-out as soon as you lay your child down for bed at night.

Now, I know it can be hard to get motivated so I won't lie: I have help.  Thirty-minutes before I want to work out, I take VPX Meltdown, which you can get at Walmart for $20.  I don't know whether the fat-burning part of their story is true, but it surely gets my hart going and makes me so antsy I WANT to work-out and I push myself harder just to get the jitters out.  This is a take-only-in-the-morning supplement, but if you don't have time time to work out in the morning, I take a pill around 2 if I know I am going to work out in the evening that day.

Every morning pick a time that you want to work out and stick with it!  Even if that means putting Barney on in the living room and sticking your kid in their playpen for 30 me, getting into shape benefits you both in the long run!

First Words

First off I want to tell you all a little about myself: I have spent my whole life battling my weight, never dropping below a size 10, always stuck around 150 pounds.  I got pregnant at 22 and gained about 30 pounds, so I was healthy, but when coming home from the hospital after giving birth and seeing 181.5 on the scale made me take a few more looks in the mirror and think about how I want to live as an example for my daughter.

I am now 24, a size 2, and at 125 pounds I am in the best shape of my life.  It hasn't been easy over this last year and a half-- I have done several different dvd's and styles of work-outs, but I'm here to share a tip with you each day on how you can improve your health, your energy, your strength and be a positive example for your children all without putting on a pair of shoes or leaving your house!

Don't be afraid to take losing the weight slow.  Every body works differently, but no matter what your age or current weight, I know that I can help you be a "skinny mom," too!  Just take it one day at a time and let each little accomplishment push you towards your big, end goal.  I know you want fast results, but I know from experience that the slower you take things, the longer you keep the weight off.

I want to help people achieve their goals and feel great about themselves. Through the ups and downs, I am here for any one who wants advice, to chat, or just someone to vent to.  This isn't about changing your body, it's about changing how you live and view your life!

Me with my 19 month old daughter and my 5 year old step-son.