Sunday, August 25, 2013

Body Revolution: Phase 3

I just finished my first round of the workouts I'll be doing in weeks 9 and 10 of BR and like I said before...scary!  I'm definitely glad I went and bought some 3 pound weights, because Phase 3 is beyond my Jillian fitness level!  However, she swears by the end of weeks 9 and 10 that the workout will be easy...well, we will see about that!

Week 9 has a lot of moves from Extreme Shed and Shred so that one wasn't quite as bad as week 10 which was a lot of plyometrics with weights; just imagine this: jumping lunges with 5's, jump squats into up-right rows with 5's, rock star jumps with 3's and dumbbell swings with 8's jumping forwards and backwards ...just to name a few of my least favorites. :)

Today was cardio.  My legs already felt ready to collapse when I crawled out of bed this morning, so I wasn't too excited going into Phase 3 cardio, especially when Jillian starts the introduction with "This is one of the hardest workouts I've ever created."  Awesome.  Let me just say that anyone who says BR is nothing compared to Insanity never made it to the third month.

This month's 30 minutes of cardio consists of twenty second intervals of metabolic/jump training with several plank moves thrown in the mix. There are no breathers and barely chances to take a sip of a water...26 minutes in (meaning I only had 5 minutes left), I had to stop the DVD for a few seconds to catch my breath.  I laid on the floor for several minutes afterwards trying to find the strength to stand back up. (Thank goodness I have a seat in my shower!!!! haha)

So anyone just starting month 3 and already wishing it was over (like me), just know I'm right here with you trying to find the motivation to keep going, because the workouts are really pushing my limits.  I know I can do it...but sometimes I just don't want to.  However, I try to tell myself this is my LAST month, and this is the month that is going to make my body look like a ripped, workout machine!  So I play those words on repeat in my mind as I look in the mirror and then press play on the DVD player...

Keep it up guys!!  The fact you even show up each day, do your best to make it through, and try things you never thought you could do shows strength beyond words!


Anyone thinking they want to start Body Revolution, go through the official website to purchase the program.  It includes a special resistance band as well as Extreme Shed and Shred (my favorite) and Killer Buns and Thighs (my next thing to do after BR) at a much better price than paying for all those things separately.

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