Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Throw the diet pills away!!

Today I made a tough decision...

I've had what some people would probably consider a diet pill addiction for the past couple of years, but today, I decided to throw them all away! (More like dumping them down the disposal and turning it on until they're mush.)

I stress more about taking the pills and worry whether or not they will work and then get frustrated when they don't (because most of them don't work for long-term effects) that I think I'm making my weight loss struggles worse.  So bye, bye weight loss pills and hello vitamins!

I always thought I needed the pills to control my hunger, but my lack of calories may be why I can't lose the weight I want to.  I also told myself I was just taking them for the energy, but a good B-Vitamin and Biotin is probably all I need to keep myself moving.

So to get rid of temptation, I trashed all remnants of diet pills I've taken in the past and held on to for comfort.

I'll stick with my Body Revolution and start eating when I'm hungry, and hopefully I start seeing some changes in the near future.

If you have a diet pill addiction (if you have been taking diet pills for more than 3-6 months and/or tell yourself the things I was then you're addicted), the easiest thing to do is go cold turkey.  You can wean yourself by cutting down how many diet pills you take by 1 every week until you're down to zero, but that may only lead to thinking you can do the same thing again in the future.  So THROW THEM AWAY, avoid surfing the internet for diet pills and start searching for lifestyle changes, and finally--DON'T GO NEAR THE DIET PILL ISLE AT WALMART (or Target, or CVS, or anywhere else you may shop).   It's going to be hard, but I'm doing it with you!  And don't make someone else do it for you...in order to TRUELY change YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF!  So throw the pills down the disposal, turn it on, and walk away until you don't hear that crunching sound anymore.  ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOURSELF!

PS- I know you're thinking about all the money you'll be waisting if you don't at least finish the bottle before throwing it away, because I'm thinking the same thing.  But it's too late now. If you want to change and you want your body to change then you've got to forget about the money and start thinking about what's more important-  YOUR HEALTH OR MONEY!?

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