Friday, August 9, 2013

First Set of Before and After Photos

(edited Monday, August 19, 2013)

I am halfway through Body Revolution and just finished my first 5 weeks of FreezeAwayFat Cool Shapes shorts, so I thought that I would post some before and after pictures for you. You'll notice that the photos of my back show how much I've built my upper back to make my waist look smaller--told you it works!

And the Cool Shapes shorts have REALLY shrunk the stubborn fat on my stomach. (I've lost 3 inches total from my hips to my waist!) I went from my stomach sticking out, to FLAT!  Totally awesome!  (I've still got some lower abdominal fat that needs an extra push, but that's what having babies does, right?) I really recommend combining the FreezeAwayFat Cool Shapes shorts to any diet or exercise program...I'm keeping a healthy weight, building muscle with BR, and watching the inches freeze off!


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